Hello...its me

A little over a year ago, I finished running my second half marathon ever.  I loved running!  I was told it was something I would never be able to do.  And as always, I didn't listen to the doctors.   Never have I felt more free and happy then when I was running the seawall of Vancouver with some tunes pumping in my ears and my thoughts clearing from my head. In September of last year, 1 month after I ran lululemon's first ever SeaWheeze, I bonked... HARD!  Getting out of bed was hard, let alone running a measly 3km.  But I didn't listen to my body, I pushed myself to continue to run until January of this year.  A good friend of mine convinced me to see my doctor and find out what was happening.  Blood tests came back with elevated inflammation levels and so off I was to see a rheumatologist.  Arthritis it is!

And so the healing begins.  I starting visiting a naturopath to find ways to reduce or eliminate my arthritis, asthma, psoriasis and allergies.  Not to mention my digestive system that leaves me bloated all day and night.  Nine months later or four weeks ago, I decided to get a live blood analysis done.  Not feeling much different since January I was hoping it would give me clarity on what exactly was so messed up on the inside.  And it did!

So join me on my life long adventure to becoming the healthiest I can be.  Starting with fixing the damage i have done over the years to creating changes in my life that I can maintain and carry through.

I am not the best writer but I will entertain you with stories of my adventures, share recipes, and pass on learnings from school. Yup, I am in school to become a holistic nutritionist.

I don't want to just help myself get healthier, I want to inspire all of you!!

I'm feeling hungry to be healthy :)