Love, passion, family, relationship & balance…

We did a great exercise yesterday at the office.  I was pretty reluctant to leave my desk with deadlines hanging over my head and stressing about the things on my to-do list, but I went.  And I am so happy I did. Core Values are the foundation of who we are, at least thats how I feel.  They are like my own 5 commandments and If I live within them then I am being my best self. And if I'm not living within them I know my life is stressful, chaotic and unhappy.

Here are mine:

Passion - The projects I take on, my school, and helping others are all examples of things I do with great passion.  If I am not passionate about them then I don't put as much effort in them.  I am also attracted to people who are passionate about things in their lives rather then just sailing through life.

Love - Live to love!  I love my boyfriend, I love my best friends, I love my little ladies, I love my family, I love being a big sister, I love Vancouver, I love learning….Love is probably my number 1 value (they don't need to be rated) and if I'm out of love, I am lost.

Family - although I don't live close to my family (all in Onatrio), they mean the world to me.  I have an amazing family here in Vancouver and couldn't live without them.  The Mucha/Mundindi family have taken my in as their own 10 years ago and without them, it would be a lonely existence in Vancouver. My goal is to have a close, loving family of my own one day, just like theirs.

Balance - I live to have a work, friends, me, workout balance in life.

Relationships - I need people in my life.  I need strong loving relationships. The interaction, the fun and playfulness, the reliance, and the strength you get from them.

So here's how you can find yours:

  1. make  list of your top 10 - theres a list below to help
  2. take that ten and only keep 5 of them - these are your core values
  3. ask yourself 2 questions - 1. are you living your life though those 5 values? 2.What can you commit to doing to bring those values back in your life?

This may sound easy but I found it challenging.  I started out with 16 and had a hard time narrowing it down to 10.  Choosing 5 from the 10 was really easy for me but I know it was difficult from some of my coworkers.  I found having a list helped but don't let the list limit you. 

generosity, focus, nature, compassion, perfect ponytails, simplicity, leadership, gratitude, candour, diversity, green juice, equality, tranquility, knowledge, connection, gluten-free, creativity, challenge, self-actualization, finish lines, structure, quality, community, positivity, spirituality, fun, respect, independence, security, partnership, sweating, adventure, flexibility, hip openers, mastery, excellence, honesty, integrity, vision, innovation, curiosity, accountability, greatness, competition, service, wisdom, agility, growth, legacy, wealth, entrepreneurship, freedom


now go be your best self :)