Bucket list

I worked on a fun project at the office the past month and it made me think about what I would put on my bucket list. Its an evolving list that it will grow as I check them off.  I know there should be dates and that will be follow up blog.  Right now I just wanted to get it all out there in the world of possibilities. Here it is

  1. take sailing lessons
  2. buy a sailboat
  3. sail the world
  4. travel to Victoria falls and swim in the devils pool
  5. bike the south of france for 3 months in the summer
  6. visit the pyramids in Egypt
  7. visit a new place in BC each weekend for 1 summer
  8. do an all inclusive trip somewhere hot
  9. go to hawaii and visit all the islands
  10. hike the west coast trail
  11. hike Mt Kilimanjaro
  12. go to Boston and watch a game at Fenway Park
  13. visit NY during Christmas
  14. skate on the canal in Ottawa
  15. kiss my true love under the eiffel tower
  16. do a yoga retreat in Bali
  17. get my youth yoga teacher certificate
  18. open my own child/family nutrition centre
  19. do a grand fondo race
  20. do Crossfit
  21. visit Tofino and try to surf 
  22. visit my family once a year
  23. go to disney word with my little ladies
  24. travel to see Tracie and Brian where ever they are - fall 2015
  25. live in London UK for a year
  26. spend a summer in Spain
  27. tattoo - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil somewhere on me
  28. travel to a new country every year and live in their culture for a month
  29. own a yurt - not sure what I will do with it,  maybe a tree house
  30. own a vacation place in BC
  31. own a vacation place somewhere that is hot all year round
  32. buy a car - June 2015
  33. take a vacation with my siblings
  34. visit Bend Oregon
  35. own a dog
  36. foster an elephant
  37. go on vacation with my Pappy - Sept 2014
  38. go to Arizona and say goodbye to Tara
  39. get deeper into meditation
  40. do a 30 day yoga challenge
  41. do every hike possible in BC
  42. jump out of a plane
  43. Become a big sister - Oct 29 2013
  44. Become a registered holistic nutritionist - Oct 2015
  45. Pay back Tracie = 2015
  46. Learn to speak french fluently
  47. teach yoga at daycares and elementary schools
  48. take cooking classes
  49. make my own wine
  50. be.feel.live healthy
  51. grow my own garden
  52. by flowers for myself every Friday
  53. write a children's book
  54. make my own kombucha- 2014
  55. drive down the west coast on a 2 week vacation
  56. make pottery
  57. take a painting class
  58. spend a weekend in San Francisco
  59. drive across Canada
  60. visit Susheela in Winnipeg - Nov 2015
  61. do a silent retreat
  62. visit the pyramids in Egypt
  63. see Congo…the life of Pappy
  64. take my holistic nutrition knowledge and learn to apply it to dogs
  65. take swimming lessons
  66. watch every  movie on the top 100 list


Whats on your bucket list??