its me time...

Its been 2 months since I have posted anything and I need to clear that its been a rough few months.  My relationship ended, I moved and some big changes at work has put me in a downward spiral.  I am now ready to put my 'big lady' shoes on and step back into the world.  The real world that has been going on around me while I was hiding out pitying myself with sadness and anger.
I am ready for life!  Ready for the thrill of the unknown and the excitement of all the possibilities.  I am ready to take back control and push through the challenges.  I am eager to get back into my routines of workouts and meal planning, put my focus back on healing my gut and get myself to the optimal level of health.
Its ME time and I deserve it!
So in celebration of ME time I have booked my first yoga retreat.  Not only is it taking place somewhere I have never been - Hornby Island, its my first retreat!  And its in a yurt!!!  Always wanted to stay in a yurt :) It's 4 days with no connection to the outside world, yoga and meditations, hiking around the island, great food and the hardest part but truly needed - reflection.  I am excited and nervous, but mostly excited.
 Life is all about doing new things that challenge us and why not chose the challenge over the challenge choosing us, right?
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