my experience with Live blood analysis

Last September I saw Zuzana, a holistic nutritionist who did a live blood analysis on me. If your not familiar with Live blood analysis - they prick your finger to draw blood and analyze that blood under a microscope.

You can learn how your nutrient levels are, how your digestive tract is working, how your organs are functioning, your immune health and your toxin load in regards to parasites, yeast and fungus. To me..this was amazing!!  No more guessing.  I was getting some clear information on what was happening with my body and why I was feeling like hell everyday.

The results were a VERY long list of issues.  Something I thought I would be devastated about but I was happy to know finally what I was needing to fix.  I left with a  list of recommendations: (1) to quite doing intense workouts, which to me was my biggest struggle, (2) take a number of natural and herbal remedies and (3) to eat clean and refrain from any foods I am sensitive and allergic to.

I went back to see Suzana 3 months after my first consultation and she reviewed my blood again. The results were amazing!  Nothing was completely healed but the rating system of most of my issues went from a 5-5.5/5 (highest = bad) to 2.5-3/5 (middle = better).  I received some new remedies and was instructed to keep eating how I was eating, still no intense workouts and to come back in 3-4 months.  Which will be in April.

Understanding that Live blood analysis may not be for everyone. it gave me hope again to one day feel like a normal human and not have a list of foods to avoid, swelling and bloating and skin problems. And most of all, to have energy back to do what I love to do.

I have a long journey ahead of me but I am for once optimistic that I will get there.

I am hungry to be healthy!!! :)