smell the roses

Thursday I wrote a final exam for the hardest class I have experienced in this program as of yet.  Anatomy and Physiology was intense!  Jam packed with information that was hard to retain but I did learn some pretty cool things; how my heart beats, how a muscle contraction happens and best of all that sperm can last outside of you for a good period of time….yikes!  Play safe people!!! After the crazy hard ass exam, we decided to go for some celebratory beers, of course! A must have after spending day and night studying for eternity, ok it felt like eternity!  Kristen, a classmate and new friend of mine mentioned a friend of hers was doing a personal challenge - doing something for themselves once a day.  I thought this was amazing but also extreme!!  I mean, I have a hard time doing something once a week for myself let alone daily.  Life is so busy already to add this daily stress in it.  How could I make this happen??

It consumed my thoughts.  What does it really mean to do something nice for myself?  My mind kept going to massages, mani/pedi's and shopping that I was really missing the big picture - the simple things. What about taking 5 minutes out to smell the roses, literally, pouring a glass of wine after a hard day, sleeping in on a saturday morning, breakfast in bed with a good book, a yoga class or good workout, playing with a new recipe or having a Skype call with my bestie in NZ or my sister in Ontario.  Its really about doing things that make us happy, that make us stop from the busy chaos of life and take a deep breath.  Those other things are great too but can be time consuming, cost money and sometimes too much effort to make happen.

So I challenge you all with me to do one thing for yourself for the next 30 days.  Take a deep breath in and do something for your self.  YOU DESERVE IT :)





keep smiling

j :)